Why Us

Vedette is an expanding private limited company, founded in 2010, that specialises in decision support. Our delivery capability is built, on a bespoke basis, from our core team of around 25 and an exclusive group of around 200 Associate Partners. We have a growth and diversification strategy which embraces the development of uniquely trusted client relationships and robust business partnerships. Weʼre based in Ireland and the UK and have partners, clients and interests elsewhere in Europe, and in the Middle East and Africa. We owe no allegiance to those who sell products and solutions, so our services are wholly impartial and strictly confidential.

What we offer…

We provide distinctive, highly-valued independent advice and support;  we help senior decision and strategy makers mitigate risks and exploit opportunities day to day, whilst helping them to anticipate future trends. Weʼre policy and technology-aware, with a focus on people, organisation and ways of working. Disruptive technologies present both risks and opportunities to all forms of enterprise; gaining information advantage is key. We help senior decision makers mitigate risks and exploit opportunities day to day, whilst helping them to plan and guide their strategy for the future

Dynamic, Networked Information Environments

Our Core Strengths...

Enabling Applied Research and Analysis – developing concepts, scenarios and use cases, providing surrogate practitionerʼ advice, and focusing team efforts to realise exploitable outcomes. Informing Policy and Strategy – providing expert advice, facilitating senior leadership engagement, and helping to operationalise conclusions. Shaping tomorrowʼs capability – promoting innovation in future capability development through evolved concepts and alternative perspectives, and supporting the delivery of capability change. Optimising todayʼs capability – energising business change through observation and evaluation, coaching and mentoring, education and training, and process re-engineering.

What drives us…

Our Vision

To be best in our class and field: valued by our clients, partners and people for exceptional quality, commitment and integrity.

Our Mission

To deliver highly significant and readily exploitable benefits to clients in, and beyond, the Defence and Security sectors.

What makes us different…

Vedetteʼs personnel have a wealth of consulting, analytical and research experience. Many of us have undertaken successful first careers in government service. Others have enjoyed distinguished roles in industry, or in top-flight consulting. Some are engaged in academia as doctoral candidates or as lecturers. Together, we draw on sound practical expertise and keen technology insight to identify readily-exploitable solutions. What unites us all is our shared enthusiasm for, and deep commitment to our chosen profession – and to the domains in which we work.

Our values...

  • Integrity

    We strive to do what is right, and to demonstrate transparency and integrity at all times.

  • Trust

    We aim to establish and maintain strong, trusting relationships with our clients and partners.

  • Commitment

    We combine rich experience of our chosen domains with zeal to be a ‘force for goodʼ within them.

  • Innovation

    We seek to design and implement bespoke, creative and effective solutions to unique problems.

  • Learning

    We share a culture of purposeful intellectual curiosity, and a passion for continued learning.

  • Excellence

    We try always to exceed our clientsʼ expectations, and will go the extra mile to do so.

  • Teamwork

    We seek success through collaboration in and between multi-disciplinary teams.

  • Value

    We are determined to demonstrate outstanding value in all that we do.

Some of our clients

  • Joint Forces Command
  • EDA
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • CAE
  • Raytheon
  • DfID
  • EU
  • French Rapid Reaction Corps
  • Niteworks
  • Reading University