Our Sectors

Defence and Security

We specialise in advising government clients in the European Institutions, Ireland and the UK across the defence and security landscape on: C2, strategy and concepts, logistics, training and education, innovation and research as well as acquisition and support.

Our personnel regularly support national security & resilience projects and we are involved in building stability and capacity overseas. We have used our experienced team to focus on specific areas but also to ensure coherence across activities. We link conceptual work to the present-day realities and are increasingly aware of a continuum between training and education from individuals and small teams to enterprise-wide performance. We are especially aware of the challenges of formal acquisition but also the need to harness and cohere atomized innovation activities. We are currently engaged in a variety of activities to achieve fusion across government and to ensure there is a prominent whole force approach to building resilience and stability.


The sectors we support are principally aerospace, defence and security, cyber and digital.
Our expertise delivering improved decision support developed in the defence and security area have proved valuable  across a range of industries.  We tackle common challenges around strategy and risk, innovating and continuously improving and ensuring dynamic protection of systems in these industries.

International Defence, Security and Development

We support the European Defence Agency and European Commission, and Sovereign Governments outside Europe. We gain valuable experience from our wider international engagement.  This feeds the development of best practice within Ireland and the UK as well as allowing us to help solve common problems abroad.