Our Services

Strategy and Innovation

Successful organisations do not stand still. They must regularly assess and question their strategies despite the challenges of doing so. Vedette bring practical insights and methods to clients in defining their purpose and long-term objectives and we help set a strategy to deliver required outcomes. We can support investment decisions using proven methodologies: combining focus on the current position, data modelling and qualitative assessment. We listen carefully tailoring our approach for each assignment. Our understanding of technology and provision of realistic courses of action against accurate scenarios means we help organisations gauge and leverage the benefits of new innovation.

  • Strategic Decision Support

    In helping organisations to develop and implement their chosen strategy, we balance the development of processes with facilitating decision making. Often the transition from business division to board level presents decision makers with new challenges; companies can shield executives from wider business issues to ensure they have a clear focus until they reach board level – individuals and boards then sometimes need strategy advice and a new supportive perspective. We deliver that using our depth of decision experience, solution analysis and course of action development experience.

  • Applied Research & Technology

    We have significant research and technical expertise particularly in supply chain, cyber, C4ISR, modelling and simulation, decision making ethics and organisational performance. We offer an impressive network of reliable and current practitioners designing valid use cases and helping to deliver exploitable outcomes. We are helping utilise artificial intelligence to support decision making and supporting cross government security integration challenges.

  • Emerging Technologies

    Clients value our ability to help them exploit innovation. We understand the need to  balance agile, safe to learn environments  where progress can be fast – and exploiting them for the enterprise. Properly mitigating change plans to ensure that human factors, systematic considerations and ethical and cultural aspects are appropriately addressed can often be critical.

  • Economic Appraisal

    We employ a range of techniques to support economic appraisals and have done so on a range of complex programmes. In addition to applying smart analytical tools, we also understand how to overcome the variety of cognitive biases that can lead to false assumptions and heuristics.  

  • Acquisition Support

    We have a track record in working across the defence support and acquisition enterprise in helping clients to design and execute the most appropriate acquisition approach.  This ranges from concept through refinement to the delivery stages and beyond, providing surge support and future services as required.

  • Market Analysis

    Our impressive range of associate partners with their varied and tested expertise allows us a head start when delivering market analysis.  We understand the context dependencies to reveal impacts and opportunities beyond the immediate area.

Performance Improvement

We have the experience, tools, EQ and skills required to support decision-makers with  their leadership of change, development of new strategies and pursuit of innovation.  This is coupled with our  ability to harness best current thinkers, SMEs and techniques to optimise organisational capability and output.

Leadership Development

Our Observer/Battle Staff Coaches support operational and tactical level HQs throughout their developmental cycle, from foundation training through to post-exercise analysis, assessment and reporting. Our O/BSCs play an active part in academic seminars and key leader training. They support battle staff training and facilitate workshops on staff structures, processes, tools, working practices and outputs.  They can coach and support individuals and teams during exercise periods where this is requested and needed.

Manual Simulation & Wargaming

Organisations now recognise the value to their business of ‘wargames’ and scenario-based analysis and planning. A wargame is a focused examination of strategies, business delivery methods, supply chains and plans, with accurate and incisive challenge. These techniques promote understanding, critical thinking and insights, supporting decision-making against courses of action at enterprise and operating levels. Vedette has gathered leading practitioners, SMEs and analysts to form bespoke teams that  assist the customer on their strategy development journey.

Learning from Experience

Todays environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Defence organisations, networked within a ‘whole force’ and across government, need to train, understand and develop. There is an imperative  to develop resilience, harness appropriate information and data support and use the best digital and data driven tools. This implies an emphasis on critical thinking and a willingness to challenge the status quo: our experts understand the relationship between information, knowledge, understanding and creativity, delivering evidence-based reports and reviews that  identify lessons to be learned.

Programme Assurance

With over eighty Associate Partners we have a source of expertise that, individually or in teams, is organised specifically to support client need. This can be either for short term efforts and projects through to multi-year contracts, using a variety of government and partner frameworks, or as a result of more direct discussions for short-term immediate support.

  • Consulting Solutions

    Our consulting approach focuses on clearly understanding the challenge, ensuring we keep the vision in context – we handover both immediate recommendations  and clear exploitation routes to deliver enduring change.

  • Interim Leaders

    Although not a core activity, we find we are frequently asked to provide quality people who are often sought to remain in interim management positions. This both reinforces our reputation with clients and is seen as a useful additional benefit by our associate partners and customers alike.

Supplier Support

Prime Contractors and OEMs are increasingly suffering delays in government procurement timelines within an opaque acquisition process.  The cost of bidding is becoming a major risk factor and we have found there is value in offering high-quality support to suppliers when they need it.  Often augmenting a core team with focused expertise, we assist in surging effort where necessary and building the core team in a more deliberate way.  We can do this with a pool of associates who, between them, have a more broad and contemporary awareness of the market and commercial situation than any small in-house team can hope to maintain.

Capture Support

Ensuring the right expertise and approach is available to assist in the generation of quality contextual information at the start of the bid process helps to focus the team. We provide our own associates and have access to wider partners to make sure the bid team is able to meet gateway reviews in a deliberate and considered manner.

Programme Delivery

Often transitioning from the bid team, we are committed to ensuring that a high-quality bid team is followed by an equally high-quality delivery team. This simple approach is surprisingly rare – but pays dividends in the long term.

Subject Matter Expertise

The volatile and unpredictable nature of MoD procurement too often has uncertain time-scales and an in-house team can often be stretched to cover the company area of interest in a comprehensive way. Vedette has  a  growing  reputation for excellent and comprehensive situational awareness and market insight, and we are used to surging support to in-house teams at short notice with high quality individuals, reducing the overall cost as well as improving business development and the bidding process.

Acquisition Strategy Advice

Quality advice and support from Vedette using Shipley process and other techniques for winning business can transform a reasonable technological offering into a strong bid with a compelling and successful win strategy. Price to Win, Black Hat and Red Team seminars can complement in-house effort and Vedette has the benefit of a strong and varied pool of expertise and experience in delivering this Advice as a Serviceapproach to leading defence and security primes.