Providing Excellent Decision Support

The Challenge

Defence capability and services acquisition works best in the context of a partnership between Government and Industry; it is vital that this relationship can develop and mature, unfettered as far as possible by Intellectual Property constraints.

Niteworks made a remarkable contribution to UK Defence in delivering high-quality research, technical decision support and practice innovation and the Analysis Support Construct and other frameworks are continuing this work.  This powerful model has been adapted by the Home Office to create the Vivace Partnership – of which Vedette is also a founder member.

Our Approach

SMEs like Vedette play an important role by contributing niche defence and security experience and vital acquisition expertise to ‘best athlete’ teams formed from a wide variety of companies.

The key to our success in this arena is the calibre of the people we deploy, whose broad backgrounds, technical and operational understanding, and deep competence enables timely delivery of pragmatic outputs and exploitable project outcomes.

The Benefit

The striking value-for-money delivered by Niteworks’ support to the Defence Operational Training Capability programme, the notable innovation of its Cyber Capability Concept Demonstration (CCD) project, and the cutting-edge utility demonstrated by its Open Source Intelligence CCD are but three of many areas where Niteworks made a difference – and all three have been led or ably-supported by Vedette personnel.