Cyber Threat Roadmap for the EDA

The Challenge

The European Defence Agency has identified that Crisis Management Operations have an increasing need to exchange information with a wide variety of actors at pace – but cyber attacks threaten this. Information systems have become a critical facilitating capability and the technical landscape is changing constantly. The threat landscape has become impossible to analyse with systematic risks and dependencies proliferating. There is a need to be able proportionately to respond to this risk while maintaining and enhancing mission effectiveness.

The Solution

Despite technology being a pervasive dimension of the challenge, it is the ‘people’ aspect where most of the vulnerabilities and mitigations reside. Vedette provided four separate outputs aimed squarely at improving EU cyber defence capabilities. The first was the development of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) to take forward the requirements identified in the military Cyber Capability study into an EA for EU military Cyber Defence. The second two addressed the question of training and skills needed across the EU to address cyber-defence. Lastly, we delivered a roadmap to get from the requirements identified in the original study to a comprehensive cyber defence capability.

The Benefit

The EDA now has a coherent roadmap that allows it to both deal with cyber threats in a systematic way whilst keeping mission information sharing at the heart of current and future operations