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Command Training

Wargaming, White Cell, and Wrap … supporting UK’s largest CPX in 2019

13th February 2019

The Chinese game GO, although superficially simple, is acknowledged to test the most serious gaming experts. Providing a training environment for a Divisional Headquarters, 5 Brigade Headquarters within a scenario involving two other Divisions, NGOs, and an enemy of Corps strength is not for the fainthearted either. The Plans team of the British HQ 3 […]

Command Training News

‘The Proof of the Pudding’ . . . Exploitation is the key

10th January 2019

In the recent December 2018 UK MoD statement about the much delayed Modernising Defence Programme, there was a clear emphasis on and promise of investment in innovation. Vedette is proud to have been selected to deliver one such project recently under the Defence and Security Accelerator programme. It was also very interesting to see that […]

Consultancy Finance

Wargaming – Is the Old Lady getting militant?

22nd November 2018

Very interesting that the Bank of England has run a series of ‘war games’ to combat cyber attacks. Apparently, up to 40 companies took part, together with the Treasury and the Financial Conduct Authority. The Bank designed the war games with input from the National Cyber Security Centre, a branch of Britain’s communications intelligence and security […]

Command Training

Training in Plain Sight

7th November 2018

One of the themes that, the now CDS, General Nick Carter developed last year as CGS was the need for British Army training to be used as a component of wider defence engagement activities.  The conundrum has been that much of the larger scale armoured training tales place in Western Canada where the prairie allows […]


What Eurovision says about Europe

8th May 2018

I am drinking beer in a Brussels bar talking about European politics. Over the course of the evening, the conversation turns to the Eurovision Song Contest – and what it reveals about national sentiments. I love Eurovision. Along with millions of people across Europe, I’ll be glued to the screen this Saturday night for the […]


Gaming and Gamers

16th April 2018

Computer gaming has never been so popular. Last year, almost half the UK population played computer games, with a combined spend of $4.2 billion. And despite popular stereotypes about computer gamers being young men, there is a roughly equal split between genders with people across the age range engaging in some form of gaming activity. […]

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