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AI Adaptation: Scenario Planning with Vedette

Embrace the Future: Leverage AI for Business Success

AI presents unprecedented opportunities for businesses, but it also brings significant workforce challenges. To thrive in the AI era, your team needs to adapt and acquire new skills. Futureproofing your workforce is essential to maximise the potential of AI while ensuring a smooth transition.

Tailored Scenario Simulation: Understanding and Solving AI Challenges

Partner with Vedette for a one-day scenario simulation event customised to your business needs. Our workshop is designed to help you:

  • Understand Your Workforce

    Gain insights into your team’s capabilities and anticipate future skill requirements.

  • Customise to Your Needs

    Tailor the workshop to match your workforce and desired outcomes.

  • Idea Generation

    Explore potential challenges associated with AI implementation (pre-mortem style).

  • Solution Testing

    Test strategies to prepare your workforce for the changes ahead.


Real-World Success Stories

Vedette’s approach has proven effective across industries. Just like our successful engagement with an engineering division, where we tackled recruitment and retention challenges, our scenario simulation exercises deliver tangible results.

“If it was in my power, I would run this game for the whole organisation. It was hugely useful in considering different challenges, and testing policies in different contexts.”


Unlock the Potential of Your Team

Don’t let the AI revolution catch you off guard. Invest in your workforce’s future today with Vedette’s scenario simulation exercise. Prepare your team to embrace change, innovate, and excel in the AI-driven landscape.

Ready to Futureproof Your Business?

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